Sunday, June 29, 2014

Taraweeh Reminder [A must read]

During Ramadaan, a similar scene is witnessed every day in the Masjid. Despite daily reminders by the care takers of the Masjid, or a kind Naseehah by the Imaam, the same thing is repeated almost every day, both in Men & women’s prayer area/hall.

Please make sure to “Turn off” your Mobiles or make them on “Silent Mode” when going for Taraweeh

Please Respect the House of Allaah. It is very distracting & causes annoyance to the worshipers, specially if it is Musical ring tone.

Some Tips:

Turn off/ your mobile or Turn it on Silent mode before going for Taraweeh.

Inform your friends, family, not to call you after 3Ishaa’ as you will be going for Taraweeh in Ramadaan.

Keep the Ringing volume on the lowest volume (in case you forget to make it silent) (or Leave your mobile phones at home.

Sisters, please keep your mobile phones in your hand-bags.

Change the (musical) Ring tone to the Normal old styled phone Ring bell.

Do NOT check or reply to SMS messages after every 2 rak3ah of taraweeh. This doesn’t let the person to concentrate as the mind is constantly thinking about the message/ reply etc.

If you can, print a poster (Turn off your mobile) and hang it on the wall of the Masjid.


And a reminder to sisters, please cover the feet when going outside the house or for Taraweeh. Its fard to cover the feet during salaah.

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