Monday, April 25, 2016

Pornography and Breaking Patterns of Destructive Behavior – #Connection with Belal Khan

Back in the 1950s when Hitchcock released Psycho, the motion picture association sent the picture back. They couldn't approve film because the of scene where, Norman the killer, was going after the woman in the shower was way too exposed.

It's said that Hitchcock sat on the rejected film and then later resubmitted without changes. The film was then approved. It's unclear whether the resubmission was watched again, or if they assumed that edits were made.

Movies today, especially the “R” rated movies, 20 or 30 years ago probably would not have made the “R” rated listing, perhaps they would have been rated “X” or NC-17.

Kids today who aren't even teenagers yet are more familiar with the human anatomy than the same age group couple decades ago.

We have so much unfiltered ready information in the palm of their hand. Couple that with the reality of living in a voyeuristic society and you have a recipe for disaster.

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Consider the Spiritual Consequences of Pornography

I'm assuming you believe in a divine benefactor and the blessings that we have around us are a mercy and gift from that Benefactor.

Let's look at our eyesight, our hearing, and all our faculties. They're all a blessing to us.

The question is, if these are blessings that we have and we're using it in a way that is in disobedience to the one who blessed us with it, aren't we being unappreciative of that blessing?

Similarly, if we are using our senses in a way that is not pure and appropriate, isn't that a demonstration of ingratitude, and being ungrateful for that very blessing?

The other spiritual consequence is that this could be a further disconnection to the Creator, in terms of our worship and our focus in our worship because our mind is going in all different places especially in the things that we shouldn't be doing.

There are Physiological Consequences to Pornography Too

This industry warps our expectation when it comes to real relationships and human connection.

If you do find someone that you're going to commit your life to and marry, your expectation will be warped as a direct result of what you have been exposed to.

Aside from the fact that a lot of bodily parts are augmented and fake and the actions that they are committing, you might expect the same thing to a similar or greater degree.

This may result in disappointment because these are the expectations that you grew up with. This can have major relationship challenges.

Pornography Has an Addictive Nature to it

Researchers have compared the addiction of pornography to that of heroin addiction because of the amount of dopamine that gets injected to our brain and body through an action like this is similar.

Some people have the classic excuse that they can quit anytime.

But, that's common for addicts to say.

If you really believe that, then I challenge you to go three days without engaging in any of this. If you feel that's too easy, then do seven days.

If you can't succeed without feeling the anxiety of being engaged in these elicit, lude activities, perhaps there is a level of addiction that is attached to you.

Your Brain Has Been Hardwired Neurologically to Seek out Pornography

As a marketer I know that people are creatures of habit.

There is behavioral patterns and systems in place that make it easy, and people are generally cognitive misers. Meaning they want the path that is least resistant which require as little thought as possible.

Understand that the industry that is powering this is focused on pattern behavior. Identify what those patterns are and develop habits and systems to protect you from that.

Once you hard-wire your brain neurologically to a particular way it becomes that much harder to break that pattern.

But, the brain has neuroplasticity to it, meaning you can rewire your brain to be able to perform new habits.

That's what breaking a habit all is about. It's not being perfect all the time, the key thing is to be able to move forward.

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