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Analysis Of Some Of The Problems Affecting Salafiyyah (Part 2) – Shaykh Badr Al-Utaybee

Shaykh Badr Ibn Alee Ibn Taamee Al-Utaybee said, “…As for today, the affair of the Salafis is that everybody has become a person who disparages and praises, everybody criticises everybody else. This difficult field [of Jarh wa Ta’deel] has been traversed upon by every docile person, every foolish young person speaks regarding these matters, every lowly ignoramus, in fact even a person who has just reverted to Islam. He does not know anything about the basics of the Sharee’ah (Islamic law), the principles of the religion nor the rulings of tahaarah (purification) and salaah. He enters into Islam on the basis of ‘it is an obligation to show loyalty to so and so’, and ‘be an enemy to so and so’, and frequents forums and gatherings of qeel wa qaal (rumour mongering and heresay).

A person becomes known due to what he frequently does. [Due to their actions,] ears refuse to listen to their statements, eyes hate to see what they put forth, and righteous pious souls hate their sittings, in fact even their twitter accounts and websites. This is not Salafiyyah.

Yes we warn against innovations and specific people of innovation, we clarify their situation, we expose their mistakes. We do this in every possible manner and avenue – visual, audio and written.

However, this is done with knowledge, justice and intelligence not with ignorance, oppression and carelessness [like many have done].

Our scholars who preceded us said to us: “Warn against them [Ahlu Bidah], and then seek protection and pardon for yourselves.” i.e. remain upright upon knowledge and action. The warnings that occur from some of the scholars (i.e. those who fulfil the fardh kifaayah – communal obligation) are sufficient, as long as they fulfil the objective and the evidence becomes established. After this, the true Salafi turns to knowledge and righteous actions in order to remove from himself ignorance and laziness.

As for the beginners and new Muslims pre-occupying themselves with refutations and counter-refutations, and criticising people and groups, then this is from the severest diseases, a wastage of knowledge and actions.

To the extent that some of them have memorised the statements of Syed Qutb, Salman Al-‘Awda, Suwaydaan and other people of misguidance, so much so that it is like [they have memorised] Mutoon (classical texts of knowledge).

However had they directed their determination to actual Mutoon then it would be better for them, only if they knew this.

Teach the newly-practising Muslims what will remain with them and what they can benefit from, do not encourage them upon matters that will disappear with time. Men will die, articles and statements come and go however Tawheed, Sunnah, Salaah, Tahaarah and the main rituals of the religion will remain with them until the certainty [of death].

So this is the priority for them if you truly understand.

Have mercy upon Salafiyyah…[and] do not corrupt it by the contagious disease of labelling and classifying people, and competing with each other in that. The most severe disease I can see today is in two situations:

Firstly: ignorance in differentiating between the various groups. As soon as a person opposes them [the ignorant Salafis] with a statement or article that they do not desire [and even be correct], they create a new group, pushing it down the throat of history, so this person can be forcefully ascribed to it.

Unfortunately this has now plagued Salafiyyah itself. In the past twenty years they [the ignorant Salafis] have bought out for us [and have forcefully ascribed other Salafis too the following sects they themselves imagined to exist and named]: Haddaadiyyah, Maghraawiyyah, Surooriyyah, Ma’rabiyyah, ‘Abbaadiyyah, Hujooriyyah, Faalihiyyah, Madkhaliyyah etc…

Until when, O worshippers of Allah?

Whoever errs then say, “So and so erred,” or say, “So and so erred and whoever is with him [has also erred],” – but there is no need for this innovated classification of people.

Secondly: Classifying people based upon suspicion and doubt, as well as ignorance regarding what necessitates a person to be ascribed to particular groups.

Not everybody who speaks with politics, wears the ‘Iqaal [black head band worn by Gulf Arabs over their head scarf to keep it in place. Often – and not always – it is not worn by scholar] and cuff links becomes an Ikhwaani!

Not everybody who goes towards zuhd (renouncing worldly pleasures to get closer to Allah) and dawah becomes a Tableeghi.

Not everybody who makes Takfeer (i.e. labels another Muslim a disbeliever) of the Tawaagheet and the herectics becomes a Khaariji (a follower of the Khawarij manhaj which advocates rebelling against Muslim rulers and unjustified takfeer of other Muslims).

Also not everybody who praises a person of innovation due to his affair being hidden from him is ascribed to his hizb (party or sect) – like they say…”


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