Saturday, August 27, 2016

He calls you to Allah

Our brother
So your brother is the one who :
– advises you,
– reminds you, and
– alerts you.
Your brother is not the one who :
– gives you no thoughts, a
– voids you, or
– speaks to you with pretty words that lack real truth and sincerity.
Rather, your brother, in reality is :
– the one who advises you,
– the one who admonishes you and reminds you.
He calls you to Allah, keeps explaining to you the path of deliverence clearly until you follow it and warns you about the path towards destruction.
He keeps explaining how evil it’s end is until you avoid it.
— Sh. Abdulazīz Bin Bāz | Majmū’ Fatāwa, v. 14, p. 21
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