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What Is Hizbiyyah? – Shaykh Muhammad Hizaam

Shaykh Muhammad Hizaam said, “The meaning of hizbiyyah is: a group from the people who gather together upon an idea which contradicts the guidance of the Prophet [Mohammed].

They associate and disassociate for [that group which is built upon an idea which is contrary to the prophets guidance] and therefore their amity and enmity is only because these people have restricted themselves to their groups corrupt ideas and to the establishment of the goals behind those astray ideas. That is the strongly abhorred bigotry [hizbiyyah].

Therefore it’s compulsory that the peoples love and hate be for the sake of Allah’s Book and the Sunnah of his Messenger and this is the party of Allah.

Allah said, “Verily, it is the Party of Allah that will be the successful.” [Al-Mujadilah: 22]

As for what was previosly mentioned (hizbiyyah) than it is blameworthy and indeed Allah says, “And be not of the polytheists of those who split up their religion and became sects, each sect rejoicing in that which is with it.” [Ar-Rum: 31-32]

Allah said, “Verily those who divide their religion and break up into sects, you have no concern in them in the least. Their affair is only with Allah, who then will tell them that what they used to do.” [Al-An’am: 159]

Allah said, “And verily, this is My Straight Path, so follow it and do not follow other paths for they will separate you away from His Path.” [Al An’am: 153]

So there is no success for the ummah in their splitting (into sects and parties nor is it a mercy like some claim who depend upon nothing but weak narrations that contradict Allah’s book). 

The ummah will never be successful except by them being united upon Allah’s book and the Sunnah of the Prophet and with the establishment of Allah’s religion (the way Allah intends it to be established).

Allah said, “And hold fast all of you together to the Rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allah’s Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace you became brothers.” [Ali Imran:103]

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