Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Sahabas would weep and tremble out of fear of Allah’s judgment and punishment

The Sahabas would weep and tremble out of fear of Allah’s judgment and punishment for committing something (even unintentionally) that is disliked by Allah,
Yet we see some Muslims today neglecting sins believing that “Allah will forgive them anyway”.
Yes, Allah is the Most Loving, Most Forgiving, & Most Merciful but He is also Just and Severe in His Punishments. When you sin, you ask forgiveness from Allah and He will forgive you.
You commit the same sin again, then you ask for His forgiveness again. And the cycle goes on and on.
But brother/sister, if you die in that state of committing sin without repenting or asking for forgiveness from Allah, what do you think will be the consequence?
Subhānallah.. Earning the anger of Allah is certainly a Great Loss and you will be punished accordingly.
It is not enough to just ask forgiveness. Leave the sin and repent completely and whole-heartedly. And ask Allah to keep you on the right path.
Remember also that when we ask forgiveness from Allah, it is granted to us only if we are sincere.
And one of the signs of being sincere is leaving the sin completely for the sake of Allah.
If you ask Allah for forgiveness but you do not feel it in your heart, then brother/sister, you are doing it wrong.
Reflect on your mistake and sincerely ask forgiveness from Allah.
Take your Deen seriously as this is the gift that Allah gave you to achieve Jannah. The key is already in your hands, never let go of it!
Praise Allah and take advantage of this Ni’ma.
And know that there is nothing better than the Jannah that Allah promised for the Believers. Allahu Akbar!
“And Allah does not give this Honour to anyone.” A beautiful reminder/thought we should always ponder upon. Let’s ask ourselves, Are we deserving of Jannah?
If not, let’s work hard for it. In Shaa Allah.
Reminder for myself before anyone else.
-Scholars of haq

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