Thursday, July 13, 2017

How To Maintain Your Wife’s Privacy From Your Family Members

1) Request your family not to enter your wife's room unless she approves, for example, when she is lying down or if she has closed the door. (Note; every jealous husband should at least have a lock on his bedroom door!)

2) Ask your brothers not to hover outside her bedroom door.

3) No one should rummage through her cupboard or handbag unless she approves.

4) She should not be 'deliberately' overheard when she is talking on the phone.

5) If she has gone somewhere with your permission, everyone else in the house need not now where she has gone and for how long.

6) Her laundry should not be hung in a place where your male relatives can see her personal garments.

7) Sometimes, she should be allowed to eat her meals in privacy with you, where she will be comfortable. Note that scholars opine that the husband cannot force his wife to have all her meals with her in-laws…

8) Lastly, do not reveal her secrets or personal affairs to your family members. If they ask too many questions, make it politely clear that this kind of inquisitive behaviour is not right.

[Traversing The Highs And Lows Of Muslim Marriage, by Sadaf Farooqi, p. 72]

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