Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Physical Vs Emotional, Know What Your Spouse Wants!

As explained in the previous post, dressing good for your husband is a vital ingredient to keep the love going. A man's desire is more physically driven and a woman's desire is more emotionally driven. By physically driven we mean anything to do with his sense of sight and his sense of touch. These two senses in the man are his main drives which excite him. So if a wife can please the man through these two passages, she has indeed won his heart. By emotionally driven we mean pleasing the wife emotionally. I.e. speaking to her in a soft tone, caring for her, showing compassion and love towards her. Taking her thoughts into consideration, not ignoring her etc.

Many wives get up in the morning and do not do themselves up for their husbands, which causes many husbands to complain and maybe so, even seek the comfort of their eyes elsewhere, or even so, seek second wife. But in cases where getting a second wife is not possible, it may even lead to some men not lowering their gaze. As if you do not give your spouse their desire, yet are getting your desire, it could lead to psychological problems (for your spouse).

For example, we have said that a man's desire is more physically driven, whereas a woman's desire is more emotionally driven. So now if a man is always giving his wife her emotional desire (i.e, he talks sweet with her, jokes with her, plays with her, is kind and soft in his dealings and interactions with her etc), yet she does not fulfil his main desire (which is physical – i.e, looking pretty for him, touching him, marital relations, foreplay etc), then this psychologically effects the man.

And the same is said in the opposite scenario as well. So if a woman is always fulfilling her husbands physical desire (always dressing beautiful for him, touching him, embracing, kissing him etc), yet he does not take his wife's emotional desire into consideration (i.e, he is very harsh and dry towards her) then this psychologically effects the woman.

So each and every man, if he wants his wife to give him more of his physical desire, has to do his part (which is fulfilling her emotional desire).

And likewise, each and every woman, if she wants her husband to give her more of her emotional desire, has to do hers part (which is fulfilling his physical desire).

Its that simple! You have to give in order to receive. The more you give your spouse their desire, the more they will give you your desire.

A man naturally responds to physical desire with emotional desire. And a woman naturally responds to emotional desire with physical desire.

If a man is satisfied with his physical desire he is receiving from his wife then it will prevent him from going to haraam. And likewise if a woman is satisfied with her emotional desire she is receiving from her husband then it will prevent her from going to haraam.

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