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Sufism Revealed Creed : The Wafa and their belief in seal of Awliya

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمدلله رب العالمين والصلوة والسلام على اشرف الانبياء وسيدالمرسلين نبينا محمد صل ا لله عليه وعلى آله واصحابه وازواجه اجمعين


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Muhammad Wafa is the fourth Fifth Imam of the Shadhili Tariqah and Ali Wafa is the sixth.

Muhammad Wafa said in Nafasi al-'Irfan, Al-Maktabat al-Azhariyya 92b, 93a:

"The words complete in justice and sincerity are the beauty of the word of the Spirit in the world of Jabarut; and the word of Gabriel is in the world of Malakut, and the word of Adam is in the world of Mulk, and the word of Jesus is in the world of Prophethoods, and the word of Muhammad is in the messengerhoods, but the unifying word of words is that of the Seal of sainthoods from the illiterate community, who ascertains God by divine Secrets. "And to Him return all things, so worship Him and put your trust in Him." (Q 11: 123)

Comment: So Muhammad Wafa believes in the saints having a seal, like Hakim At-Tirmidhi and Ibn 'Arabi. And ibn 'Arabi believes that all Prophets take from the niche of this Seal of saints. Muhammad Wafa said that the Seal of saints has words unifying all words (Kalimah Al-Jami'ah li Kalimat).

Muhammad Wafa said in Nafasi al-'Irfan, Al-Maktabat al-Azhariyya 71a, 71b:

"When there were seven days, God struck a similitude of the Seven oft-repeated which are the Self-disclosures of the Attributes of the Essence. These are Life, Knowledge, Power, Will, Hearing, Seeing and Speaking. Then (He struck) the great Quran and the Self-disclosure of the Essence, to which refer all the Names and Attributes. Then the eight throne-bearers descended…to the seven heavenly received commands…and descended in (the mission of) Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Sulaiman, and Jesus. (The throne bearers) then appeared in Muhammad, and he is the heir "day of Assembly" and the arrangement of the affair. Then they turned towards the ummi community and the Ahmadi milla, by virtue if the tradition, "God dispatches at the start of every century a man by whom He renews the religion of this community." This is the reality of the polehood, up to (the year) 800. The uniting eight appears as…the seal of the Seven oft-repeated, the organizer of their realities among both concrete and abstract things, from the ummi community and the Muhammadan Ahmadi milla. (This unifying eight, being himself) the great Qur'an, (is known) as "In the Name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate." And "this is the Day of assembly of which there is no doubt" (Q 42: 7) or denial. "This is the day for which mankind is gathered together. That will be a day of Testimony." (Q 11: 103)

Comment: Muahmmad Wafa is saying that the reviver of the eight century, meaning the pole of this century, will be their seal, like the Prophet (saw) completed the 7 Prophets Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Sulaiman, and Jesus, so he is the seal of Messengers and Prophets, and likewise the pole of the eight century will be the seal of sainthood. See also Wafa's Tahrif of the Quran as he says that the seven oft-repeated that are in fact the seven Ayat of Surah Al-Fatihah, means that the seven poles will be sealed by the eight pole. And see also how he uses verses of the Quran dealing with resurrection to hint at the arrival of their eight pole, for Wafa, the appearance of this Seal of saints will be the day of gathering and witness meant in these verses of the Quran.

Muhammad Wafa said in Nafasi al-'Irfan, Al-Maktabat al-Azhariyya 82b:

"The abode of each tiding: since what is announced is fixed, then Noah is the abode of what Adam announced; and Abraham is the abode of what Noah announced; and Moses is the abode of what Abraham announced; and Jesus is the abode of what Moses announced; but Muhammad is the abode of them all. Likewise the men dispatched at the start of each century, who are the abodes of the Muhammadan tidings. The master of the eighth time is the Seal of the age, and the source of total union, the abode of the Great Tiding (cf Q 38:67), which is called "In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate."

Comment: so Muhammad Wafa is saying that the Seal of the saints will come in the eight century.

Ali Wafa said in his "Mafatih al-Khaza'in al-aliyya" 43 b:

"Since the quality of the ninth sphere is inseparable from the esoteric of the quality of the eighth sphere, then Muhammad, the Seal of prophethoods, reaches the (position of) opener of sainthoods, announcing the immutable Verification. His time contains what all earlier times contain, for the learned of his community are like the prophets of other times."

Comment: So Ali Wafa like ibn Arabi considers that the level of Prophethood will still carry on, as the learned of this community are like Prophets before.

Ali Wafa wrote in the same place after:

"God raises at the start of each century one who renews for this community its religion." Understand, each century a pole comes down with a quality appropriate to the predisposition of the people of his time. It is known thereby that the poles are equivalent to the "holders of resolutions," and that they (the poles) are their (the Prophets') inheritors. The first (pole) corresponds to Adam and was sent down on the day of the Farewell pilgrimage; for time on (that) day turned back to a situation (like that of the) day God created the heavens and the earth. And the master of the second century is on the heart of Noah…and likewise (are the poles) from one-hundred to eight-hundred years, until the Muhammadan pole, the Seal of the saints…the teacher Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili (d 658) was the pole of the seventh time; and the great completing speaker came down as the Seal of sainthoods in the eight time."

Comment: So for Ali Wafa, the first pole was Ali ibn Abi Talib and he was the inheritor of Nuh (aley salam), and the reference of Farewell Hajj is to the event of Ghaddir Al-Khumm as pointed as by Mc Gregor, and Shi'ah made it clear that 'Ali was appointed here at his successor, and Ali Wafa said he was appointed then as the first pole, so one can see the similarities. Also Ali Wafa considers the poles as being like holders or resolution, meaning Ulul 'Azm.

Moreover Ali Wafa considers the seal of the saints as greater to Abu al-Hasan Ash-Shadhili.

Ali Wafa said in his "Mafatih al-Khaza'in al-aliyya" 5 b:

"God raises, at the start of every one-hundred years, a man by whom He renews this religion." This man is the pole. We also read in the Hadith that, "God places each saint upon the heart of a prophet." The "holders of resolution" are the poles of the prophets, and they are seven, with Muhammad as their seals, the eight. As for the poles of the saints, the eight is their Seal, and is upon the heart of the Seal of prophets."

Comment: So one can see that with this fabricated Hadith, these misguided Sufis put Awliya's hearts upon hearts of Prophets, so for them Prophethood carries on, only the name of it is changed, else its level is the same, except for bringing new laws.

Then Ali Wafa declared himself to be this Seal of saints as in "Wasaya" 75b, and Ash-sha'rani also quoted this in his "Tabaqat" 2: 52:

"I received an inspiration (Ilham) in the year 799 AH, which was not from my imagination, which said, "O Ali, We have chosen you to resurrect the souls from the tombs of their bodies. If We have commanded you, then take heed!""

Comment: so Ali Wafa claims he will be the Seal of saints who is to come in the eight century.

فهذا هو الذي أردت أن أنبه إليه ، فإن أصبت فمن الله. وإن أخطأت فمن نفسي، والله تعالى أسأل أن يعصمنا وإياكم من الزلل ومن كل ما لا يرضيه. وآخر دعوانا أن الحمد لله رب العالمين 

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