Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Welcoming Your Husband Home On His Arrival From Work

When a man comes home from work, he requires some peace of mind. Every man wishes to be embraced by his loving wife, as it helps relieve all the stress of work. And this is indeed form the sunnah of our Prophet and teacher (saw).

'Aa'ishah (ra) said:

"A group of the Companions of the Prophet (saw) were waiting at the door for him, so he prepared to go out to meet them. There was a vessel of water in his house, and he peered into it, smoothing his beard and his hair."

She then added:

"I asked him, 'O Messenger of Allaah, even you do this?' He (saw) said, 'Yes, when a man goes out to meet his brothers, let him prepare himself properly, for Allaah is beautiful and loves beauty.' " [Reported in Tafseer of Qurtubee, 7/32]

So preparing oneself for the arrival of your husband not only eases his mind, but is something from the sunnah. Likewise the Prophet (saw) said to his companions:

"You are going to visit your brothers, so repair your saddles and make sure that you are dressed well…" [Ibn Al-Hanzaliyah, Aboo Daawood & Al-Haakim]

When a woman dresses in her nice clothes and warmly welcomes her husband home with a hug and a kiss, it helps the man to forget all the troubles he may have experienced in his work place. And indeed in this is a benefit for the wife, as now that his mind is at ease, it is more likely that he will treat you with love and compassion, rather than ordering you around to bring him his food or any other order.

Jundab Ibn Makeeth said:

"Whenever a delegation came to meet the Messenger of Allaah, he would wear his best clothes and order his leading Companions to do likewise…" [Ibn Sa'd in Tabaqaat]

Looking good, especially on first sight, makes the onlooker (in this case – the husband) appreciate your actions. It also increases his love for you as it makes him believe that you were anticipating his return. As it is only the lover who awaits her lover. It shows you have concern for him and this indeed puts ease in his heart and mind.

Advice To Husbands:

Ash-Sha'bee said:

"When the Prophet (saw) returned from Khaybar, Ja'far Ibn Abee Taalib came out to meet him, and the Prophet (saw) embraced him and kissed his forehead." Another narration adds, "he embraced him warmly." [Tabaqaat, 4/34]

In this is advice for the husband who returns from work to embrace his wife warmly. He should not ignore her or give her a cold shoulder.

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